What your dates might judge about your home

Whether we like to admit it or not, we judge other people’s homes, for better or for worse. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you’re dating someone new, you can learn a lot about them from their home—their style and taste and preferences, how organized they are, how clean they like for their […]

Dating Tips for Staying Safe

Human beings love to interact and connect socially with each other – it’s one of our strongest and most innate personality traits. With technology moving at mach speed, we’re constantly finding new and faster ways to communicate, and the dating world is especially suited to take advantage of all this technology has to offer. And […]

The 4 Communication Styles

Communication is probably the most important tool we have when it comes to co-existing with others. Not only does it alert us to the needs and feelings of others, but self-expression is an absolutely essential factor in our own individual happiness. When communication isn’t running smoothly, our relationships suffer, resentment builds, misunderstandings ensue, and we […]

Phone Etiquette for Dating

Most of us assume the first one-on-one date we experience with someone holds most of the weight in determining the future success of that connection. We spend a lot of time planning our first dates, from location, to attire, to conversational topics – but we often overlook the step that comes even before the first […]

6 Love Inhibitors

Like the song says, all you need is love. Ever notice that when you’re in love everything else doesn’t seem as hard in life? Work is less stressful, people are less irritating, and we tend to be just generally more content and positive. We spend a lot of time thinking, hoping and wishing to find […]