Positive Perceptions for Meeting People

When it comes to our life experiences being positive or negative, a huge part in the outcome of how we feel is determined by how we view things. Because our lives contain so many people and situations we cannot control, it’s important to remember that the one thing we can change is our perception. For instance, say you lost your job. You have the choice whether to see it as the worst thing that could have happened, fearfully and angrily focusing on everything negative this situation represents for you, or you could see it as an opportunity to realize this job wasn’t bringing you the fulfillment you want and deserve. You could instead embrace the opportunity to find or pursue what would really bring you joy. Dating is no exception. When we positively change our perceptions about love, romance, dating, and most of all ourselves, we’ll find the results we’re looking for much easier.

Positive Perceptions For Meeting People

1. Maintain your sense of humour. It can be daunting to talk to strangers, but always remember you’re human and no one is perfect! You may make a verbal stumble – we’ve all had our proverbial foot in our mouths – but if you can laugh it off and learn to not be so hard on yourself, you’ll find that people are more than willing to forgive and laugh with you. It’s when you don’t call attention to something embarrassing you may have said that people will believe this is an actual part of your personality.

2. Make an effort to break the ice. Often all it takes is small bit of relating in order to break the ice with someone new. The most important thing you can do is to be present in the moment with that person. Listening to what they’re saying and making eye contact as soon as possible are easy ways to start building the rapport that leads to getting to know someone.

3. Notice when someone is interested. Pay attention to body language, including eye contact, a brief touch or a compliment payed to you. These initial flirtations are important signals, and if you choose not to return them at least in some small way, you will be relaying (consciously or not), that you’re not that interested. By letting your guard down a little bit with someone you’re attracted to, you can allow you true personality shine through, and this will be the quickest way to determine if your connection is worth pursuing.

4. Believe in your best self. If you’re looking for, or open to finding a relationship, this should mean that you believe you have something positive to bring to someone else’s life. Alternatively, you have a responsibility to choose someone you believe will compliment your life in a positive way as well. If you feel you “need” a relationship, you’re coming at it from the wrong angle, and will most likely attract someone who amplifies that neediness. In today’s dating world, true inner confidence is the greatest aphrodisiac.

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