Fashion Yays and Nays for Singles

We have all heard the adage “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Though we all agree that it is what is on the inside that counts, a well-dressed book was never any worse for looking sharp, either. Psychologically, our person perception, or the way we see someone else, depends on the categories we are […]

4 Questions – Should I Let This Relationship Go?

Personal growth is one goal that’s truly worth pursuing. Personal growth is discovering who you are, not only inside, but in relation to those around you. It’s about finding your inner peace as well as peace within your relationships. And while society encourages us to believe relationships should last “forever”, is this even realistic when […]

4 Tips for a Successful First Date

You’ve been on first dates before, many times, and you know they can be scary. Sometimes it is hard to get yourself excited about a night you know could end in disaster (or even worse, drone on awkwardly for hours). But hey, it may also be the first in a series of wonderful dates with […]

How to Salvage or End a Bad Date with Tact

A bad date – most of us have been there, and it’s pretty much the last place we’d want to be.   Many things can contribute to a date going bad; one-sided conversation, not enough conversation, nerves, bad hygiene or lack of physical attraction, your date having a personality that is too overbearing, too narcissistic or […]

How to Survive Your Long-Distance Relationship 

Long-distance relationships are not easy, but surviving them is possible. They require more communication, trust and planning, but don’t they say distance makes the heart grow fonder? Here are some tips to survive your long distance relationship and keep your sanity. Keep Lines of Communication Open Communication is important in every relationship, but it is […]