Dating: Getting a fresh start in 2016

The marking of a new year can be a great chance to evaluate the past, and determine what we’d like to strive for in the months to come. While new year’s resolutions are often grandiose (and often unrealistic) changes, we can instead choose to focus on attainable steps which will improve our overall state of […]

Tips For a Positive Attitude

A New Year’s resolution is a personal commitment to positive change.  Oftentimes though, once the bells and whistles have faded from our New Years’ celebrations, the daunting task of the actual work involved in keeping a resolution overwhelms us.  It’s important to choose something that’s actually attainable (not I will lose 50 pounds by March) […]

Deal Breakers in Serious Relationships

There’s no such thing as the perfect partner. Everyone has faults, and that’s a fact. A serious relationship doesn’t mean finding someone who’s perfect, but rather it means you’ve found someone you can appreciate even with his or her flaws. But what flaws are so serious that they’re deal breakers? Here are some red flags […]

How Do People Perceive You?

Let’s face it, most of us live inside our own heads.  We have conversations with ourselves, thoughts, opinions, belief systems and perceptions that make up who we are inside. How often though, do we think about what we’re giving off on the outside?  Some people have that gift of being self-objective and are able to […]