5 Wrong Reasons for Dating Someone

As singles, we experience a lot of pressure to meet someone, pair off, and settle down. And while it’s certainly now more socially acceptable to be without a mate than it was say 40 years ago, the media, our friends, family and especially we ourselves, can be convinced we’re “less than” when we’re not dating […]

Great Ideas for Summer Fun

Remember when we were kids and our summers were full of fun adventures and great memories? As adults, we can have lofty dreams and big ideas of what we’ll do “when the weather gets better”, but somehow, we often end up doing the same old thing year in and year out. How about this year […]

3 Red Flag Fix-Its For The Single Guy

You never get a second chance to make a first impression (especially in the unapologetic game of dating). True, it’s cliché and overused, but it’s the truth, and the truth can hurt. While meeting someone new, judgments are made within a blink of an eye, and these impressions build upon the other to form a […]

Anatomy of a Kiss

Did you know that in Middle Eastern countries, kissing was not seen as a sexual expression and was only considered proper between two women, two men, or parents kissing their children – until recently? And that two men kissing on the lips in Eastern European countries was as normal as a handshake until Western influences […]