How to Run the House as a Single Parent

As a single parent in Canada, you might find yourself eagerly anticipating a date, only to be hit by a minor panic attack when you glance around your home. Is it not as tidy or welcoming as you’d like it to be for potential suitors or even family visits? You’re not alone in feeling overwhelmed by the demands of maintaining a home while also shouldering the responsibilities of parenting.

In Canada, there are approximately 1.6 million single-parent families, and you’re part of a community that faces unique challenges and responsibilities (Statistics Canada, 2021). However, you can successfully manage your household as a single parent and still find time to enjoy life and pursue meaningful relationships.

1. Start with a Clean Slate

As spring approaches in the Great White North, it’s an ideal time to refresh your home. Statistics show that a clean and organized living space can improve overall well-being and reduce stress (Canadian Psychology Association, 2020). Open those windows and embark on a thorough cleaning mission, from scrubbing baseboards to dusting ceiling fans. Besides physical cleaning, consider an emotional spring cleaning as well. By letting go of emotional baggage such as resentments and procrastination, you can clear your mind for addressing any larger home-related issues.

2. Make a List of Home Projects

Now that you’ve detoxed both mentally and physically, the bigger picture starts to come into focus. Take a stroll around your home and assess your living space, including your lawn. Create a comprehensive list of maintenance and repair projects.

Research conducted by the Canadian Home Improvement Association (2021) suggests that organizing your projects in a list can reduce anxiety and provide a structured approach to tackling home improvements. Include both minor tasks like changing air filters and larger projects like renovating a room. Having a list will help you prioritize and stay on top of necessary repairs.

3. Create a Chores Chart

Involving your children in household chores is not only beneficial for lightening your load but also for teaching them essential life skills. Even toddlers can get involved when they witness their older siblings contributing to household tasks. Chores such as washing dishes, organizing the entryway, or folding laundry can be delegated daily, making your days as a single parent a bit less stressful.

Statistics from Parenting Canada (2020) indicate that children who participate in household chores tend to develop a stronger sense of responsibility and teamwork.

4. Don’t Hesitate to Delegate

It’s crucial to recognize that you can’t do everything on your own. Whether it’s for a well-deserved date night or a few hours of personal time, seeking help should never be associated with shame or guilt. In Canada, there’s a wide range of support available for single parents, including childcare services, community programs, and government assistance (Government of Canada, 2021).

Delegation goes beyond hiring babysitters. Carpools to and from school or extracurricular activities can be a game-changer for working parents. Consider other tasks that you can take off your plate, both at home and at work.

For tasks on your home maintenance list that involve appliance or system repairs, consider signing up for a home warranty. These companies can find and schedule appointments with licensed local repair professionals, saving you time and effort (Canadian Homeowners Association, 2022).

5. Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Now that you’ve refreshed your home and created an action plan for maintenance and repairs, give yourself the time and space to relax and enjoy the results. Spend quality time with your children, unwind on the patio, and invite friends over to create lasting memories.

Consider hosting a date night at home this time, embracing the comfortable and well-maintained living space you’ve cultivated.

As a single parent in Canada, you’re part of a diverse and resilient community. By following these strategies and seeking available support, you can effectively manage your household, create a welcoming home, and find time for yourself and your loved ones.


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