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10 Signs of Maturity

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Time flies - we all know that; one day we're a teenager, and the next, we can't believe how teenagers are dressing. As we move into and live our adult lives, our circumstances change; we live in the grown-up world with grown-up responsibilities, jobs and children. These circumstances however, don't always mean that we act like grown-ups, and they don't guarantee an automatic maturity. So what does it mean to be mature?

10 Signs of Maturity

1. Integrity.
Are my behaviors reflective of my values? Am I trustworthy, consistent, and do I keep my promises?

2. Composure.
Am I able to control my emotions? Do I think before I act in order to make the best choices?

3. Accountability.
Am I able to accept responsibility for my mistakes? Do I admit when I'm wrong?

4. Self-Worth.
Do I believe and trust in myself? Do I stand behind my decisions and trust my instincts?

5. Generosity.
Do I give as much as I take? Am I tuned into other peoples' needs as well as my own?

6. Commitment.
Do I do what I can to see my relationships, tasks and goals through to the end?

7. Growth.
Am I willing to continually grow and change with the challenges life brings me?

8. Peace.
Have I made peace with my past so that it no longer controls me? Have I forgiven those I need to?

9. Prioritization.
Am I able to distinguish what's important and what's not in my life?

10. Self-Love.
Do I nurture myself in healthy ways? Do I take care of myself physically, mentally and emotionally?

Maturity doesn't happen overnight, and is something we acquire through the experience of self-discovery. It's important we don't let ourselves remain within the stagnant and unhealthy patterns we often learn as children; everyone around us benefits when we act with maturity, as our lives take on a higher quality and a deeper meaning.

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