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     Turning the Tables on Speed Dating
Earlier this year, we found an article on the internet called "Which Sex is Pickier", detailing a "speed dating": study at Northwestern University. If you've tried "speed dating": with or any other company for that matter, you'll know that traditionally we have the men rotating from table to table while the women stay seated. The Northwestern study, in which 350 undergrads participated, had women seated for 8 events, and men seated for the remaining 7 events. What they found was very interesting. Regardless of gender, whomever was rotating experienced more confidence and romantic desire (as indicated by their responses)… more
     The Fundamentals of Compatibility
Do you ever see that couple who looks so in love and wonder what their secret is? How is it they seem happy all the time, affectionate, and just genuinely perfect together? Many people argue that a good relationship takes a lot of work, and while that's absolutely true, a big part of a couple's happiness is compatibility. As external factors such as religion, social status and family become less significant, and as we grow emotionally and consciously, our internal compatibility becomes that much more important. The way we think about each other, and in turn treat each other, is… more
     How To Get Closure from a Past Relationship
Most of us have been through a tough break-up at some point in our lives. The feelings of despair, hopelessness, sadness and loneliness we experience are often overwhelming, and often seem endless. Usually though, with the help of friends, family, and our undeniable human spirit - we eventually get over our heartbreak. We slowly pick up the pieces, put ourselves back together, and move on, hopefully stronger and wiser in the end. Sometimes however, we can't seem to "get over it". We can't seem to understand how the other person could have left us. We had so much invested in… more
     How Has Your Life Been So Far?
There are times in our lives, usually through crisis or trauma, or as the end of our lives near, when we're forced to confront our mortality and take a hard look at who we are, and who we've been. These life changing events can really show us what's important, what we need to work on and change about ourselves, and they can also clear up any confusion about where we want our future to head. Wouldn't it be great though, to know these things without crisis "showing" us who we are and how we feel about ourselves and life in… more
     Are You Romantic?
Some say romance is dead, and in our hectic world, for some, this may unfortunately be true. Like anything worth its salt though, romance, after the initial "honeymoon" stage of a relationship, takes effort, thought, and consideration to keep it fresh and alive. So what is Romance exactly and why do we need it? Romance is an expression and celebration of two peoples' feelings towards one another, it's the identity of your love. Doing romantic things for your partner shows them what they mean to you. What often ends up happening, is once we're in a committed relationship, we stop… more
     Dating During a Recession
It's true times are scary right now economically. Many of us have had to make adjustments to our budgets and lifestyles to accommodate the changes in the economy. When there are feelings of uncertainty in our lives, it's a natural response to not want to go through it alone; our desire to date and look for love can be even stronger than usual. But contrary to this emotional desire, our "intellectual" side may be telling us to put our dating life on hold while there's a recession going on. At the end of the day however, wouldn't we all agree… more
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     How Far Did You Get in 2008?
As we approach the end of 2008 amidst all the unavoidable holiday busyness, let's try to take a few moments to ourselves to reflect on the past year, and what it's meant to us. In our fast-paced culture, we tend to skip ahead without looking back, so before we start boldly proclaiming our New Year's resolutions, it's probably a good idea to think about how far we came in terms of our personal growth, and love-life, in 2008. Questions to Ask Yourself: 1. What did you learn about yourself this past year? Was there anything that surprised you about your… more
     Online Dating Pros and Cons
It's not a secret anymore - "online dating": has become part of our daily landscape. From online personal ads to matchmaking sites with banks of profiles, to companies incorporating the online world with their in-person events like "speed dating":, more and more singles use "online dating": to help them find their mate. It used to be that people were embarrassed to mention they met their mate online; now, "We met online!" is a common answer when couples are asked, "How did you meet?". Some people swear by it and have had much success; others have tried it once and decided… more
     Dating in our 20s vs. Our 30s
Many of us find ourselves back in the dating pool when we're in our 30s, and not only wondering how it happened, but if there will ever be an end in sight. It's easy when we're in our 20s to imagine ourselves being married by a pre-determined age, with kids and the career we want, living happily ever after. Life however, doesn't usually end up the way we plan it. So what's the difference between dating in your 20s vs. dating in your 30s/40s? The only difference really, is ourselves. Dating in our 20s The Pros Dating is fun! We're… more
     Tips for Surviving Your First Vacation Together
The first vacation with your new significant other is a milestone in your relationship. Not only is it a sign (and statement) of commitment, but it can really speed up your process of getting to know each other. As anyone who's ever traveled knows, when you remove the comforts of home and replace them with new surroundings and experiences, one's personality can't help but shine through - for better or for worse. Traveling demands a certain amount of flexibility; after all, you're in a place where you have much less control over your surroundings than you would at home. Because… more
     10 Inexpensive Ways to Look and Feel Better!
Let's face it, there is an astronomical amount of media hype surrounding our appearances these days. The number of ways we're told we can "change ourselves" is infinite, and as the price of these procedures and regimens goes up, so can our feeling that we're not good enough. On the flipside, there are many healthy ways we can look and feel younger, which is something we all want, but it's certainly not necessary to spend oodles of cash on doing just this. 1. Get enough sleep. This may seem obvious or next to impossible, but not getting enough rest puts… more
     How To Help Your Friend Through A Breakup
Most of us have been through difficult break-ups. Getting over the ending of a relationship is a process that can't be rushed - we all mourn in our own way in our own time. And while it's one thing to be in the middle of it ourselves, what about when we have to watch a good friend go through the pain and turmoil while we feel helpless on the sidelines? At times you feel bad for them, at times you want them to snap out of it so you can have your fun-loving friend back. It's a real testament to… more
     Food - or Aphrodisiac?
The word "aphrodisiac" comes from Greek mythology's goddess of love Aphrodite. The definition of the word is "a substance that arouses sexual desire", and although the scientific world is not convinced as to whether or not there are such things as natural aphrodisiacs, the general population has believed it to be true for centuries. Aphrodisiacs have been used throughout history to help infertility, spice up one's sex life, aid in seduction, and increase potency. In ancient times, nutrition was very much linked to a person's sex drive because food was not as readily available as it is now. It is… more
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