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     10 Signs of Maturity
Time flies - we all know that; one day we're a teenager, and the next, we can't believe how teenagers are dressing. As we move into and live our adult lives, our circumstances change; we live in the grown-up world with grown-up responsibilities, jobs and children. These circumstances however, don't always mean that we act like grown-ups, and they don't guarantee an automatic maturity. So what does it mean to be mature? 10 Signs of Maturity 1. Integrity. Are my behaviors reflective of my values? Am I trustworthy, consistent, and do I keep my promises? 2. Composure. Am I able… more
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     The 9 Types of Romantic Love
Love is that often-elusive feeling we all want to experience. Art, music, poetry, religion, and most recently science, try to explain and express it; we've all had it, and most of us have lost it at one time or another in our lives. The reason love can be so vastly bi-polar, (one minute tragic, one minute wonderful), is because of the individuality of our personalities combined with the situations we're in. Add to that our past experiences, and we find endless combinations of drama, excitement, hope, despair, fun, fulfillment, joy and sorrow. A study published in the British Journal of… more
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