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How Has Your Life Been So Far?

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There are times in our lives, usually through crisis or trauma, or as the end of our lives near when we're forced to confront our mortality and take a hard look at who we are, and who we've been. These life-changing events can show us what's important, and what we need to work on and change about ourselves, and they can also clear up any confusion about where we want our future to head. Wouldn't it be great though, to know these things without crisis "showing" us who we are and how we feel about ourselves and life in general? In keeping with our theme of getting to know ourselves so that we can carry on healthy and loving relationships, take a few minutes to take stock of your life so far, and answer the following questions. Compare yourself at 20, 30, and 40 - how far have you come, and what have you experienced and accomplished?

1. What obstacles have you overcome?

2. What do you know today that you didn't know 10 years ago - what "life lessons" have you learned and kept with you?

3. Who are the people in your life, past and present, who've had the most profound effect on you? What have you been able to take from them and incorporate into your life and who you are?

4. Who have you had the most profound effect on and why?

5. What parts of yourself do you like and dislike?

6. Who have you loved, and how well did you love them?

7. If you had your life to live over again, would you change anything? Do you have any regrets?

8. Is there anyone in your life you still need to forgive?

9. Is there anyone you wish would forgive you?

10. When was the time in your life you felt the most fulfilled, and content?

11. What spiritual experiences have you had?

12. What/whom are you most grateful for?

By reviewing your life in this way, you'll reflect and remember what makes you such a unique and special person. And, by connecting with how you see yourself in the past and today, you can make any necessary changes or shifts to help your future take shape the way you want it to!