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10 Signs of Maturity      10 Signs of Maturity

Time flies - we all know that; one day we're a teenager, and the next, we can't believe how teenagers are dressing. As we move into and live our adult lives, our circumstances change; we live in a grown-up world with grown-up responsibilities, jobs, and children. These circumstances, however, don't always mean that we act like grown-ups, and they don't guarantee automatic maturity. So what does it mean to be mature?

10 Signs of Maturity

1. Integrity. Are my behaviors reflective of my values? Am I trustworthy, and consistent, and do I keep my promises?

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How To Make Peace With Your Past      How To Make Peace With Your Past

Our past experiences and the people from it, play a huge part in our present perceptions and behaviors. We mustn't confuse behaviors with identity, however; the essence of who we are at our core and our existence is ultimately unchangeable; we are all valid human beings with our purposes in life. How we choose to behave, and how we react to others and certain situations, however, is what charts the course of our lives. Emotionally, most of us have old childhood wounds that have conditioned our responses into adulthood. If you find yourself re-living the past and hoping the future… more

What is Fear and is it Holding you Back?      What is Fear and is it Holding you Back?
Did you know that as babies, we're only born with 2 fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises? All other fears that we possess have been learned! While this may seem shocking, it's great news since whatever we've learned, we can unlearn... As Franklin D. Roosevelt so aptly put it during his inaugural speech in 1932, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Have you ever stopped to contemplate exactly what he meant by this? Out of the things we fear, (whether it be spiders, rejection, heights or failure, etc.), it is the… more
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