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     3 Nature-Inspired Activities That Can Strengthen Your Relationship

If your relationship has been on the rocky side lately, it might be time to get out of your usual everyday routine with the kids and work and household chores and spend some quality time together in the great outdoors.

Men and women tend connect in much different ways. While guys like getting out and doing things as a way of bonding, gals tend to prefer talking. By combining getting out in good old Mother Nature and enjoying an activity together with the chance to be alone and work together towards a common goal, you will probably return home with… more

     Ladies - How to Dress for Any First Date

Not all first dates are created equal, especially when it comes to what to wear. A first date can be a daytime coffeehouse affair or a romantic late-night dinner, and depending on the feel, you can go cute and casual or all-out glam. Here's our fall/winter guide on what to wear on a first date.

Cafe Date

If you're kindling sparks over espresso at a local coffee shop, you'll want to perfect the effortless casual coffeehouse look of mismatched patterns and unexpected fashion twists. The type of man who invites you to a quaint cafe might show up with a… more

     5 Tips to Make Moving in Together Easy

Whether you've recently tied the knot or you're ready to make the ultimate premarital gesture, moving in with your main man is a big step. If you're in the planning stages, don't stress over the fine details. Follow these practical tips and advice for a smooth transition:

Lay Down the Law

For most situations in life, it's helpful to lay down some basic ground rules. This isn't to say you should give him a curfew or write your initials on the milk carton. Instead, think of some ways you can make living together easier on your partner and vice versa.… more

     Romance Her Without Leaving Home

Nothing kills the hot feeling of romance quite like an endless season of ice, slush and snow. Winter wears on everyone, and the daily slog through the cold can cool off the warmest feelings of love. Your lady deserves a night of passion; an evening of hot sparks and a warm glow afterward. Taking her out somewhere defeats the purpose of staying warm - you need to plan this event for home. Luckily, you've got almost all the supplies you need. The only thing left for you to bring is a taste for romance and a willingness to experiment.


     How to Get that Second Date

Most single women will accept an invitation to go out on date provided the guy asks accordingly, shows a genuine interest, and doesn't admit to being a recently released serial killer. Many women, even if they're on the fence about going on a date, will give the guy the benefit of the doubt. What's one lunch, dinner or cup of coffee, right? Exactly. However, it's having the girl of your dreams accept an invitation to a second date that's the real challenge. So what can you do to ensure that second date happens?

Captivating Conversation

How you hold a conversation… more

     Reading the Signs: 5 Indications He's Going to Propose

It's hard to believe that Isaac Lamb could coordinate some 30 people - including a small marching band - to help him propose without his girlfriend Amy suspecting something was up. But as she watched the troupe dance to Bruno Mars' "Marry You," and then reacted when Isaac appeared at the end to get down on bended knee, she seemed truly taken off guard. P.S.: it worked. Amy is now Isaac's fiancee.

Few guys will go to such lengths of choreography and lip synching, so don't despair if your sweetheart isn't spending all his spare time sneaking off to practice… more

     Hibernate or Cuddle by the Fire?
by Robin McGrath It is that time of year again when all the leaves have abandoned the trees and the icy bite of winter's cold begins to sink deeper into our bones with each progressive temperature drop. Although there might be a tendency to want to hibernate, there is also an extra desire to meet someone (for those who don't yet have a significant other) to share the cold winter months with. Because of the significant decrease in daylight, our serotonin (the happy hormone that regulates mood) levels decrease due to the amount of sunlight we are now not getting… more
     You Know You Want It
Part One by Robin McGrath Sex. With her. You know you want it but how do you get it? More often? And. so that she is as into it as you? One of the greatest mysteries seems to be what women want and need to enjoy satisfying sex lives. It seems to be one of the top questions men ask about the subject. Women are not as complex as men seem to think they are. They just have different needs. And when it comes to sex, women do not have an immediate on and off switch the way men do.… more
     3 Pillars of Relationships
3 Pillars of Relationships by Robin McGrath If any part of a building's foundation is unstable, the building will begin to collapse. This same holds true for relationships. If pillars of the relationship begin to deteriorate the relationship will begin to crumble. Three pillars of a strong, intimate, romantic relationship include: 1. Communication 2. Respect 3. Sexual closeness Communication Definitions of the word "communication" can range from: conveying (one-way communication) to exchanging (two-way communication) news, information, thoughts, and opinion. In a relationship, exchanging or two-way communication is critical. Both individuals need to feel that they have a voice within the… more
     Fake it Till You Make It
By Robin McGrath Anthony Robbins teaches that emotion is energy in motion. In other words, if you're not in a good mood, put a smile on your face, act like you are and you will be. Psychologist Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire, studied this same behavior to determine if it affects your ability to fall in love. Is it possible that if you act as if you are attracted to someone you will fall in love with that person even if you initially were not attracted to him or her? Dr. Wiseman tested his theory at a speed-dating… more
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