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     Tips for a Fun New Year's Eve
New Year's is the oldest of all holidays; first marked around 4,000 years ago, close to the year 2000 BC. At its inception however, the New Year was marked by the first new moon after the Spring Equinox, a logical time to celebrate, both agriculturally and astronomically. Celebrating New Year's on January 1st however, is completely arbitrary, due to the tampering of the Roman calendar by various emperors. In 153 BC, the Roman senate declared January 1 to be the beginning of the new year in order to set the calendar right. However, the tampering continued until 46 BC, when… more
     How To Be Thankful
Being thankful in such a "self"-oriented culture can be difficult, but as we (hopefully) move into being conscious adults, we begin to peel back the layers to find what's truly important to us in this world. It's easy to find fault with our current situation; we don't have "enough" money, "enough" love, "enough" power etc. But in comparison to those less fortunate, we often have more than enough. When you find yourself dissatisfied and constantly wanting for things, chances are, the attainment of the "things" you so desire would still not bring you contentment. The funny thing is, when we… more
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     Get Happy Fast!
Have you ever been in a blue mood and not known why? Or felt down and haven't been able to pull yourself out of it? It's easy these days to be overwhelmed by our circumstances and stressed about money, family, work etc., but as "they" say, most of the time it's mind over matter! It can even "feel good" to be sad or angry sometimes, often because it's an emotion you feel comfortable and used to being in. Some of us train ourselves to expect the end result to our situations is more often negative, so instead of being surprised… more
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     Jealousy and How to Deal With It
We've all experienced episodes of jealousy in our lives. Closely linked to envy, jealousy, according to clinical psychologist Ayala Malach Pines, "is a complex reaction to a perceived threat to a valued relationship or to its quality". But unlike envy which usually centres around a desire to have something possessed by another, jealousy always involves three people, and a fear of loss. The reason jealousy is such a complex reaction is due to the fact it encompasses so many thoughts, emotions and behaviors: Thoughts: blame, comparison of yourself to the rival, resentment, self-pity, insecurity about self-image Emotions: fear, humiliation, envy,… more
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