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4 Things To Consider Before The First Kiss

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Ahh Dating. Exhilarating, nerve-wracking, exciting and fun! First dates, second dates, and third dates - each one has its own surprise in store for us by virtue of our individual personalities and situations. Some of us date casually, making an informed decision as to whether we should enter into something more permanent, while some of us jump in head first to see where life takes us. One thing we all have in common while dating though, is that first kiss. Just thinking about it can cause us butterflies, and for good reason. Kissing is usually the first level of physical intimacy, and even though it may not seem that serious, it's one of the first thresholds we cross when deciding to take things to the next level. So before going forward with that first kiss, here are some things to think about...

4 Things to Consider Before The First Kiss

1. Mutual Respect. Do you respect this person and vice versa? Kissing someone you don't respect will only cause you regret when looking back; you're offering a little part of yourself that's special and not meant for everyone. Do they respect you? By kissing someone who doesn't respect you, you're opening yourself up to feeling bad about yourself, and who needs that?

2. You're on the same page. Are you both in the same headspace when it comes to relationships? If the person you're considering kissing is not looking for a long-term relationship and you are, kissing them can be a mistake. When you share any type of physical intimacy, especially as a woman, it's easy to begin to develop feelings that may be misplaced.

3. They are confident and secure. By moving into this first level of intimacy, you're possibly opening yourself and the other person up to sharing yourselves. You don't want to be kissing someone insecure or needy; these are problems you can't solve.

4. You want to kiss them. Don't ever kiss someone because you feel obligated, bored, or indifferent. Sending mixed messages will only result in awkward situations later on. Remember your standards and enforce them - you're worth it!