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5 Tips to Make Moving in Together Easy

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5 Tips to Make Moving in Together Easy

Whether you've recently tied the knot or you're ready to make the ultimate premarital gesture, moving in with your main man is a big step. If you're in the planning stages, don't stress over the fine details. Follow these practical tips and advice for a smooth transition:

Lay Down the Law

For most situations in life, it's helpful to lay down some basic ground rules. This isn't to say you should give him a curfew or write your initials on the milk carton. Instead, think of some ways you can make living together easier on your partner and vice versa. Hang used towels behind the door or toss them in the laundry basket; dirty dishes go directly into the dishwasher; worn clothes go into the hamper, not on the floor. By establishing these sort of rules early on, you can focus more of your time and energy on your relationship.

Decorate Together

When it comes to decorating, personal preferences can (and will) clash. You can live without that frilly, floral wing-back chair you love. Instead of fussing over your current items, opt to refurnish your shared place entirely with items you both like. By allowing the space to reflect you and your partner's shared sense of style and taste, each party feels entirely in his/her element.

His and Hers (Personal Space)

You've heard the horror stories: A couple moves in together and before they know it, they find themselves in social oblivion. Moving in with your partner doesn't mean giving up every aspect of your single lifestyle. Make sure to reserve time with your friends without your honey in tow.

This also applies to the time you both spend at home. Create a space that is all your own; an area you can go to for some solo rest and relaxation. If you can maintain his-and-her closets and loos, all the better.

Share the Responsibility

You probably already know that money is the number one thing couples fight about, and a university study out of the States found that couples who consistently argue about money are the most likely to file for divorce or dissolve their relationship. With that in mind, it's critical to the health and success of your relationship to address bills and financial obligations.

Calculate the monthly rent and cost of utilities to decide who will pay what, or if you'll simply cut it straight down the middle. Factor in any personal expenses you have, independent of your relationship, and create a budget together that includes groceries and incidentals.

Start a New Tradition

Moving in together is an exciting next step. Once all the important details are fleshed out, have fun with your new arrangement by creating a new tradition. This can mean anything from declaring Tuesdays "Taco Tuesday" to a regular date night. Remember to try new things together, and strive to provide the inspiration for your partner you hope to seek from him.