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Have you ever been in a blue mood and not known why? Or felt down and haven't been able to pull yourself out of it? It's easy these days to be overwhelmed by our circumstances and stressed about money, family, work, etc., but as "they" say, most of the time it's mind over matter! It can even "feel good" to be sad or angry sometimes, often because it's an emotion you feel comfortable and used to being in. Some of us train ourselves to expect the result of our situations to be more often negative, so instead of being surprised when something "negative" happens, we choose to live in negativity as a safeguard instead. This is a bad habit, and certainly something we can learn to change - we can choose to be happy! But like any bad behavioral pattern we want to break, it takes time and practice, also helps to have some tools to get us there.

10 Ways to Help your Brain Get Happy

Stimulating our brains' endorphins, or "happy juice" (the body's natural pain remedy), is a great way to quickly and effectively get yourself out of a bad mood!

1. Have an orgasm. This is pretty self-explanatory, and a great way to feel good without having to run on the treadmill for 45 minutes!

2. Working out. If you feel like running on the treadmill for 45 minutes :-) Exercise is great, in that it not only stimulates endorphins but makes you feel good about yourself mentally for taking care of yourself physically.

3. Train your brain to think positive thoughts. Have you ever noticed that by "looking on the bright side of things", or finding that "silver lining" your mood shifts and you feel lighter and happier? Positive thinking is extremely powerful and at the root of choosing to be happy.

4. Listen to happy music. We often make the mistake of feeding our negative moods - listening to love songs when we've experienced a break-up, or angry music when we're mad - try using music to change your mood, not intensify it. Play music that reminds you of better times, and times when you were happy. Your brain will associate its mood with its memories.

5. Acupuncture. Acupuncture is very relaxing, and not even painful to those who are hesitant to try it... Putting needles in the body is a release and can stimulate endorphin production.

6. Eat chocolate. Chocolate is the food that most resembles a drug - eating it releases your endorphins! However, if you're looking for an excuse to eat loads of it - there's no need, even a couple of bites will do the trick.

7. Get scared. Being afraid, whether by watching a scary movie, riding a roller coaster, or going white-water rafting all have the same effect - all together now - Endorphins!

8. Laugh. Laughing feels good, plain and simple. Laugh with friends, watch something funny on TV, and you'll instantly feel happier.

9. Spend a few minutes in the sun. UV rays stimulate endorphins too - just make sure you apply sunscreen! And, ever notice you feel happier when you wake up to a sunny day? Our brains equate the Sun with happiness.

Other ways to Get Happy Quick:

1. Do a good deed. Be kind, do something nice, even if it's just offering a smile, and you'll receive warmth and happiness in return.

2. Learn something new. Most of us are happiest when we're using our brains and being productive in some way.

3. Finish a nagging task - like your taxes! Keep your mind as free of stress as you can, and keep the things you control - under control.

4. Reach out to your friends and spend some time with your loved ones.

5. DATE MORE! Get out there and share your happiness with others. By being happy, you'll attract happier people into your lives, and so on, and so on...

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