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Two weeks ago we did an article on kissing and asked you for some of your views on kissing. We received many responses. Below you can read just a few of them.

I can honestly say that I was friends with a man for months as we both agreed we both wanted different things, we had kissed a bit here and there however, we were both a little reserved. One night after dinner he kissed me good night as we were standing in a parking lot .... my knees went weak, it went on for a long time, and my head felt like I was flying and I was falling, I was so shocked after as I think was he. I'll never forget that moment I thought about it for days. We became a little closer after that however, too many obstacles in the way! I was married for over 20 years, have been single for 3,and have dated quite a bit, I can't ever remember feeling that way! I'm still sad we didn't pursue a relationship and I still think that maybe someday we'll figure something out! Heidi

A kiss can tell you about how sexually driven someone is. Camille

There is so much that you can know from a kiss. There are times when I have dated someone that when it came time for a kiss, I could tell the chemistry just wasn't there, and other times when it set me on fire. Sometimes it has taken me by surprise and it was a lot more intimate than I expected, at other times it was a great disappointment. There was this one guy with whom I had been friends for a while, but he wanted more. So after a while, I thought perhaps I should give him a chance and see if there was more there. As soon as we kissed I realized that unfortunately there was not. It may sound shallow but there is something to be said for it. It is like there are pheromones that either work for me or they don't. Cheryl

There was this woman I dated when I was younger and we just loved kissing each other. We never ended up doing much more besides kissing because not too long after we started dating she moved but she will always hold a special place in my heart and I will always wonder what could have been. It is funny how that can have such an impact. Mark

A kiss is close contact with body language and like a picture, you can convey a thousand words with a kiss. Words about intention, love, respect, devotion, and many more. The next time you kiss, see if you can guess your partner's mood, their needs, their desires, and their receptivity to you. And remember, this is body language, and where there's language, there's communication. This is a two-way street! A kiss is part of a body language conversation so you're intimately part of this tete-a-tete. What are you conveying when you kiss? Are you leading or following? How are they changing relative to your moves? Are your styles matching in speed, intensity, and rhythm? Are your needs wants and desires matching? If not, are they becoming more aligned or less aligned the more that you kiss? Next time you kiss, pretend that you will not get to communicate through any other means other than the will be a fantastic journey.

Aaron - our very own Dating Coach