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Steps for Accepting Abundance

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There are times in our lives when we find ourselves "taking stock" of our current situation and how things have gone thus far. Often something happens, like a divorce, a death, or a job change, which forces us to stop the routine of everyday living and take notice of the state of our happiness and fulfillment. It's at these times of unrest and feeling unsettled that we tend to think about what would make our lives more enjoyable, whether it be money, love, or a different career. How to achieve these changes in our lives can seem daunting and unsurmountable; where do we even begin? The answer lies in our relationship with abundance. Everything we want out of the world already exists - the key is knowing how to invite it into our lives.

Steps for Accepting Abundance

1. Be comfortable with giving and receiving. Have you ever had someone pay you a compliment but instead of saying "Thank you", you come up with a reason explaining why you don't "deserve" it? This is extremely telling. When we're unable to give and receive freely, it's a sign that we're not open to the abundance that's out there just waiting to be tapped into. Opportunities and possibilities come in many forms, including people. We must learn to give and receive without obligation or "keeping score"; this has nothing to do with the true spirit of abundance. Smile at a stranger because it might make them feel better. Let someone do something nice for you. Revel in the beauty of human kindness and be thankful for all the little things, knowing that we all deserve to feel happy and loved.

2. Know what you want and why. It's important to keep your goals and desires clear within yourself so that you can get the response you want from the outside world. Do you want more money? If so, why? Do you want it to make other people envy you, or do you want it to make your life more comfortable so you can spend more time with your loved ones? If your motivations are selfish and shallow, know that they will never lead you to happiness. Get your priorities straight, and dig deeply into what will make you fulfilled on an emotional level.

3. Follow your passions. Focus on what makes you feel most like you. If you could have a dream job based on your talents and passions for instance, what would it be? We're happiest when we're being our most authentic selves, which is also when we're able to make the most positive impact around us. Spending a third of your life in a job you hate is not why you're here. Dare to imagine how you would feel most fulfilled, and put it out there! The possibilities are endless when your intentions are pure and positive. Blocking yourself by saying you won't ever have what you want will usually ensure you never get it. But being open to it happening is the first step in realization. It's your life, and in the end, you're responsible for making it what it is.