Dating Articles
     The Fundamentals of Compatibility
Do you ever see that couple who looks so in love and wonder what their secret is? How is it they seem happy all the time, affectionate, and just genuinely perfect together? Many people argue that a good relationship takes a lot of work, and while that's absolutely true, a big part of a couple's happiness is compatibility. As external factors such as religion, social status and family become less significant, and as we grow emotionally and consciously, our internal compatibility becomes that much more important. The way we think about each other, and in turn treat each other, is… more
     Making and Keeping Connections
Humans are social beings; we crave connections on many levels - familial, friendship and romantic. It makes us feel good to have people who understand us in our lives; someone who gets our jokes, someone who's happy to see us, or someone we can turn to when we're stressed out/going through a rough time. For some of us, making connections is not that easy, and for others, keeping up our relationships often falls by the wayside in due to the busyness of our lives. Studies show however, that making and maintaining connections creates happiness, improved health (loneliness can lead to… more
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