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The Fundamentals of Compatibility

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Do you ever see that couple who looks so in love and wonder what their secret is? How is it they seem happy all the time, affectionate, and just genuinely perfect together? Many people argue that a good relationship takes a lot of work, and while that's true, a big part of a couple's happiness is compatibility. As external factors such as religion, social status, and family become less significant, and as we grow emotionally and consciously, our internal compatibility becomes that much more important.

The way we think about each other, and in turn treat each other, is the key to long-lasting and healthy Compatibility:

1. Trust. Faithfulness and loyalty are the backbone of secure relationships. Without it, everything else suffers, and the relationship is degraded.

2. Communication/Honesty. Couples who communicate not just grievances, but hopes and dreams regularly are at a true advantage. Telling each other what's on your mind keeps you connected, and also allows you to work through difficulties as they arise. Keeping secrets, holding grudges, and allowing resentment to fester will all take their toll on a relationship.

3. Sex. Both partners are willing and willing to please each other. It's very important to not allow this part of a relationship to become stagnant, and to never withhold sex for punishment or use it as relationship currency.

4. Respect. A feeling of goodwill, offering the benefit of the doubt, and honoring your partner's individuality is key.

5. Spending quality time together. Talk to each other and check-in. How is each of you doing? Make time and keep dating each other!

6. Romance. Reach out to each other. Engage in touch that doesn't always lead to sex - cuddling, hugging, kissing. Be responsive when your partner reaches out to you. Surprise them!

7. Friendship. You feel as though you have each other's back. You can depend on your partner to be there, to keep their word, and to offer advice when you ask for it.

8. True partnership. Decisions are made together, and both are involved and individually responsible for the daily chores/labor around the house.

9. Having Fun. Trying new things, having adventures, and keeping life exciting will keep the relationship fresh.