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Dating During a Recession

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It's true times are scary right now economically. Many of us have had to make adjustments to our budgets and lifestyles to accommodate the changes in the economy. When there are feelings of uncertainty in our lives, it's a natural response to not want to go through it alone; our desire to date and look for love can be even stronger than usual. But contrary to this emotional desire, our "intellectual" side may be telling us to put our dating life on hold while there's a recession going on. At the end of the day, however, wouldn't we all agree that love is more important than money? We're all going through this together, so we simply need to adapt our dating life to the current situation, and not miss potential opportunities for finding love.

Recession Dating Do's and Don'ts

* Don't let your current financial situation dictate who you are as a person. Remember that hard times are temporary, and that many opportunities (both personal and professional) can come from surviving tough times. Dig deeper and find your inner strength - this characteristic is more long-lasting than any job or material object and is certainly more attractive to the right kind of person.

* Don't spend frivolously on your social life. Like any investment, you want a good return, so if you're serious, think about the best and most economical way to meet people. This doesn't include dropping loads of cash at a bar around people you'll probably never see again, but certainly includes! We don't want to toot our own horn, but where else can you go on 25Dates at just a few dollars a date?!

* Don't lose sight of your goal. We tend to be very goal-oriented when it comes to our education and career, but we often don't apply this skill to our personal life. Granted, romance and chemistry can't be planned, but meeting the right people certainly can be! Make sure you know what (and who!) you're looking for before you set out to find them.

* Do talk about your financial situation. In the past, this has certainly been a taboo subject, but these days pretending you're something or somewhere you're not in life won't get you anywhere when trying to create a meaningful relationship. Being upfront and sharing your expectations with your dates will allow you to avoid uncomfortable situations later on.

* Do plan creative dates! Not all dating has to involve an expensive meal or activity. Some inexpensive dating ideas might be:

1. Going on a bike ride.

2. Cooking dinner together.

3. Having only coffee and dessert if it's an early stage date.

4. Renting a movie.

5. Taking a walk in the park.

Challenges bring out our true personalities. You'll more than likely find that dating during a recession will be a wonderfully honest and true experience, so don't be afraid to reach out and find your special someone - chances are they're looking for you right now!

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