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How Did You Do In 2010 - 10 Questions

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) coming to its close, is that it's a perfect opportunity to reflect on the year just passed before we launch into the next one. And in keeping with the spirit of self-betterment for a positive future, we can ask ourselves certain questions to gain perspective on our progress, and to help pinpoint where we need to focus our attention next year. How Did You Do In 2010 - 10 Questions 1. How did you treat your body? Did you introduce more health into your lifestyle, or was this something you struggled with? 2. What obstacles did you face? How did you overcome these obstacles and what did you learn in the process? 3. Who did you help, and who helped you? Was it easy to give and receive help? 4. Did your confidence improve this year, or is it something you need to focus on more this year? 5. What friends came into and left your life? How solid are your relationships with those close to you? 6. Who did you forgive? Who forgave you? Were you able to let bygones be bygones and put old grudges to rest? What did you learn about yourself to make this happen? 7. What contributions did you make to enrich your world and the world of others around you? 8. What were you able to let go of in terms of old habits and behaviours? How has letting go of these things made you stronger? 9. What was the most painful experience you had this year? What did you learn and how did it change you? 10. What was the most rewarding and exhilarating experience you had? How did it change you?

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