Dating Articles
     The Keys to Romantic Intelligence
In the midst of the dating world, our emphasis often falls upon "good timing", and "finding the right person", instead of being emotionally healthy and attracting, creating, and sustaining a successful relationship. By the time we make the decision to look for a long-term partner, it's important for us to have evaluated as individuals, any emotional dysfunction which may possibly contribute to the demise of a relationship. As much work as we do on ourselves however, we can never guarantee how we're going to react within a romantic relationship. Staying cognizant and committed to not letting our past control our… more
     How To Be Your Own Hero
The dictionary definition of the word Hero is, "a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities." Literature, movies, and history are full of them; they are people we look up to and idealize, they are our role models, and unfortunately we often see them as possessing different and unattainable qualities than we ourselves are not capable of having. Being a modern-day hero however, is not about fighting dragons, or hundreds of men singlehandedly - it's about facing odds, surviving battles (internal and external), and overcoming these challenges. They come out on the other… more
     What is Healthy Communication?
Proper communication is one of the corner-stones of a healthy relationship. Like many of the fundamentals, it's a skill we tend to learn by osmosis as children, the level of that skill having a lot to do with who we grew up around. Children usually model themselves after their same-sex parent, and adopt many of that particular parent's characteristics in their quest to find their own person. These characteristics are often ingrained by family and societal dynamics, and stay with us into adulthood. This helps to explain why we see generations of men who are "emotionally unavailable", and generations of… more
     Self-Esteem and How to Raise It
We've talked a lot about how low self-esteem holds us back from the things we want to achieve and deserve in life. It can deter us from going after what we want career-wise, negatively affect our health, and it can also be a repellent when it comes to attracting the right mate, or any mate at all! Self-esteem is based on how we view our capabilities, and how we value our worth as a person. People with high self-esteem tend to be confident, positive, and secure. Because they value themselves, they're more likely to be optimistic, interact with positive people,… more
     10 Inexpensive Ways to Look and Feel Better!
Let's face it, there is an astronomical amount of media hype surrounding our appearances these days. The number of ways we're told we can "change ourselves" is infinite, and as the price of these procedures and regimens goes up, so can our feeling that we're not good enough. On the flipside, there are many healthy ways we can look and feel younger, which is something we all want, but it's certainly not necessary to spend oodles of cash on doing just this. 1. Get enough sleep. This may seem obvious or next to impossible, but not getting enough rest puts… more
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