Dating Articles
     5 Ways to Hurt A Relationship
There are many effective ways to meet people these days; through friends, on internet dating sites, through clubs/sports teams, and of course through "speed dating": The sheer ease and practicality of "speed dating": probably makes it one of the most effective - the success stories are proof of that. But what happens after you meet someone? As a disposable culture obsessed with the fairy tale endings we see in movies, we often believe a successful relationship is more about finding "the one" and everything clicking into place from that moment on. We feel that once we meet that one person,… more
     Tips for Surviving Your First Vacation Together
The first vacation with your new significant other is a milestone in your relationship. Not only is it a sign (and statement) of commitment, but it can really speed up your process of getting to know each other. As anyone who's ever traveled knows, when you remove the comforts of home and replace them with new surroundings and experiences, one's personality can't help but shine through - for better or for worse. Traveling demands a certain amount of flexibility; after all, you're in a place where you have much less control over your surroundings than you would at home. Because… more
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