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     Tips for a Fun New Year's Eve
New Year's is the oldest of all holidays; first marked around 4,000 years ago, close to the year 2000 BC. At its inception however, the New Year was marked by the first new moon after the Spring Equinox, a logical time to celebrate, both agriculturally and astronomically. Celebrating New Year's on January 1st however, is completely arbitrary, due to the tampering of the Roman calendar by various emperors. In 153 BC, the Roman senate declared January 1 to be the beginning of the new year in order to set the calendar right. However, the tampering continued until 46 BC, when… more
     How To Find Your Life's Purpose
Our social and economic climates are going through great states of change these days. When such huge shifts happen, especially when they seem to be happening globally, we as a society can feel a strong and collective sense of unease. Most human beings tend to resist change, but we live in a world where everything does change constantly, so this creates a lot of conflict. The trick of course, is to make sure we as individuals are not going through constant inner conflict, so we don't project this feeling onto the people around us; our feelings are contagious, no matter… more
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