Dating Articles
     How To Make Peace With Your Past
Our past experiences and the people from it, play a huge part in our present perceptions and behaviors. We mustn't confuse behaviors with identity however; the essence of who we are at our core and our personal existence is something that is ultimately unchangeable; we are all valid human beings with our own individual purposes in life. How we choose to behave, and how we react to others and certain situations however, is what charts the course of our lives. Emotionally, most of us have old childhood wounds which have conditioned our responses into adulthood. If you find yourself re-living… more
     Pick-up Lines
Pick-up lines, most often used by men to attract the mate of their dreams, can be amusing, scandalous, cute, funny, scary, and even beautiful. One thing to note is that the content of these oft-maligned lines is actually not that important! According to research pioneered in the 1960's by American psychologist Albert Mehrabian, the content of our speech only accounts for 7 percent of human communication! The tone of our voice accounts for a much larger 38 percent while body language accounts for a whopping 55 percent of the impact of our interactions. What should we glean from this? Well,… more
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